5 Web Designs

6 Case Studies

2 Programs

1 GFX Designs

Web Designs

[GR] Cryptopedia
A fully responsive WordPress wiki-like website based on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology. As of 5/4/21, the website is up and running but many things are under construction.
[EN] Action RPG
A fully responsive WordPress website dedicated to the Action RPG video-game genre. It features a list of games and uses a dynamically generated template through ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) to display a beautiful “Game Page” with all the required info a gamer needs.
[EN][GR] Rito’s Food
A responsive static website for Rito’s Food S.A., a chocolate manufacturer. It is made in pure HTML/CSS and uses a couple of JavaScript libraries like “Animate on Scroll” etc.
[EN] George Chond
A responsive WordPress personal website made from scratch.
[GR] Mesitiki Kilkis
A responsive WordPress website for “Oikia”, a local real estate agency. It features a multi-query for specific-criteria results as well as two automated forms with reCAPTCHA.

Case Studies

[GR] Aegean Airlines in the COVID era
A Case Study Project I did for my MBA degree about the company Aegean Airlines. Main subject of the project is the analysis of the COVID problems that Aegean Airlines faced/facing.
[GR] The Strategy of Wills, by Lans
A fictitious Case Study Project I did for my MBA degree about the company Lans and their new car model Wills. The main subject is the analysis of the company’s strategy regarding their new product.
[GR] Business Canvas of
A Case Study Project I did for my MBA degree regarding the forementioned gaming website.
[GR] Vis Containers Manufacturing Co. S.A.
A Case Study Team Project I did for my Bachelor’s degree. The main subject is the analysis of “VIS”, a Greek packaging industry.
[GR] Economic Analysis of Rito’s Food S.A.
A Case Study Project I did for my MBA degree. The main subject is the economic analysis of “Rito’s Food S.A.”, a Greek chocolate manufacturer.
[GR] The Importance of Reward Management
A Case Study Project I did for my MBA degree. The main subject is about Reward Management and how it can affect the efficiency of a company.


[EN] Data2List
Data2List is a small executable program I did with the help of AutoIt 3. The user inserts a URL link, a starting and ending margin and a keyword. The program downloads the html code, finds the keyword and it sets a starting and ending margin to that keyword. Then, if the keyword is part of a list, based on the margins it finds all the other list items. Finally, it exports those items as a column in an Excel document (assuming the user has MS Excel installed on his computer).
[GR] Nutritional Fact Calculator & Database for Excel
Nutritional Fact Calculator is a macro-enabled excel spreadsheet that uses VBA to store and do calculations. The user can insert different raw ingredients’ Nutritional Facts such as Milk, Eggs etc. in a “database” sheet. Then through a different option, the user can make a “recipe” by combining percentages of any of the ingredients he stored in the database. Finally, the program will calculate and print to the user the final Nutritional Facts (Calories, Carbs, Protein etc.) based on the amount and the ingredients that includes.

GFX Designs

[EN] Business Presentation for ORAMA O.E.
A PowerPoint business presentation template made for ORAMA O.E.