Hi there, I'm George

I'm a Front-end Engineer and Full-stack WordPress developer based in Kilkis, Greece. My interests revolve around Web, Blockchain technology, Science & Computers, Productivity and Physical Training.


Most of my daily time consists of programming. Apart from work, I spend quite a bit of time on Stack Overflow helping others and learning about web technologies.


I have a bachelor's degree in Management and Business Administration from University of Macedonia. I also hold a master's in Business Administration from University of Nicosia. Currently, I am studying for a bachelor's in Computer Science from Hellenic Open University.

Free Time

During my free time I enjoy weightlifting, learning about blockchain or reading about weird stuff like black holes. I have dedicated more than 4 years of consistent physical exercise. I usually spend ~8 hours per week in the Gym. Unofficially, I am a member of "1000lb Club" (453.5kg). At a bodyweight of 71kg I have benched 120kg, squat 145kg, deadlift 200kg and strict overhead press 72.5kg. I am also a huge nerd of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe. Last but not least, I am a believer in the FinTech sector thus I closely follow Cryptocurrency news.