The Kingdom started out as an ‘OK’ story and ended like “Come on! I need more of that!”. In the first chapters of the books, I felt a nice cozy feeling as the writer was trying to portrait the world with enough detail to not bore the reader. Even during the first crime scenes, it felt pretty cozy and laughable. I had zero anxiety as I kept reading through the new murders and I was like “Well okay, I guess that’s what this book is all about after all. The “Dexter” series in a book.”.

Main Part

After reading a bit more than half of the book, things changed. Previously, any crime or murder scene was “here we go again..”, but after the 400th page drama got engaged. The first 300 pages had minimal drama, adding piece by piece to the total pool. Then, onward from 400 page, every crime had a linked story from the first pages. Every murder had a realistic reason behind it. Most of the times, I felt the anxiety of the protagonist choosing between his options. Those moments were very enjoyable.


The ending was very intense. Many things happened too fast and even though that might be a good thing for some readers, for me it felt a bit rushed. A few things were thrown like bombs in my mind and I did not find the answers. I guess that this is a nice thing, again, since your imagination can form the answers that you seek, but I really wanted a bit more clarity for some statements.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, the Kingdom by Jo Nesbø is a really nice and solid 4 out of 5 read. Besides the story, there are many educational aspects on the book. It starts slowly, but it really rewards the reader long-term. The ending is a bit rushed but does not ruin the feelings you drag through the story. Last but not least, you will find yourself getting surprised many times, especially in the later chapters.