jQuery Succinctly is a free educational book about jQuery, a JavaScript library. It explains quite a lot of things building in difficulty through the pages. Furthermore, in every lesson there is an example .html with the code in action.

However, the book changes quite fast in difficulty. I am not experienced in jQuery and I could follow the book pretty good up until ~60 page out of the 91 total pages. The rest of the pages were hard to understand and, in my opinion, a bit too advanced for an introductory book. Also, the indentation of the examples was way off. In the last 20 pages I was opening the samples reformatting the indentation to make some sense.

Overall, it was a great experience and, since it’s free, I would highly suggest anyone to give it a try – assuming he/she has a basic knowledge of vanilla JavaScript.

You can find & download the book in the official Github.