Recently, I have been digging more and more JavaScript books and videos and there is a reason. Initially, I wanted to create a kind-of simple HTML5 role-playing game without the use of Canvas. That means that I had to create an entire JavaScript game framework from scratch which is why I started reading jQuery Game Development Essentials in the first place.

Know your limits

After having a rough time following jQuery Game Development Essentials, mainly due to my not-so-good knowledge of JS, I decided to move one step back and start learning plain JavaScript as much as I could. After a couple weeks of intense JS training, I learned so many things and understood for the first time that JS can be a complete mess. So, the idea of creating an entire game framework using JavaScript started to fade away, but the itch to create a RPG got stronger.

Why not RPG Maker?

Now I know that there is RPG Maker, but honestly every RPG Maker game is like a duplicate of another. Having the freedom to create something entirely unique and yours using plain JS comes with the cost of constant headaches and debugging, but having zero headaches or errors with RPG Maker comes with the cost of creating another insignificant RPGMaker clone.

GameMaker Studio 2

After a quick google search about JavaScript alternatives for web game development, I somehow stumbled to GameMaker Studio 2. At first, I thought “what a childish name, pretty sure this platform is no better than RPG Maker”. A couple hours later I found that the RPG-hit Undertale, as well as Crashlands and many more excellent game titles were made using GameMaker. I did a quick search, again, and saw that GameMaker has its own programming language that allows the developer to manipulate almost every aspect of the game, enabling total creating freedom. However, the syntax of GML (GameMaker Language) is nowhere near to JavaScript.


Even though GameMaker Studio 2 seems a solid development platform, I would love if I could code in plain Java/JavaScript/C# syntax. Due to that, I accidentally found Godot and its language GDScript! GDScript is very similar to Python and Python is an Object-Oriented language just like JavaScript! Moreover, Python is far more beginner friendly and easy to learn than JavaScript. Furthermore, Godot can produce 3D games while GameMaker can not (without hacking and tricking).

What’s the current plan?

Right now, I’m learning GameMaker fundamentals. I’m almost done with “Learning the GameMaker Studio 2 Interface” video series. Next up I’ll check Godot and will figure out if its syntax is better for me. I suspect that I will stick with Godot. Hopefully in 2-3 months from now, I’ll be in a good spot to start getting more serious with my Game Development.