• It’s a boy!

    June 1995

    Born in the town of Kilkis. Everyone gotta start somewhere.

  • The “First Day”

    September 2000

    First day of Kindergarten. Can’t say that I remember many things but life was simpler back then.

  • Console Infected

    August 2001

    My parents did a trip to China for many days. When they got back, they brought together my first gaming console, Game Boy Color! The first games I ever played on it were A Bug’s Life and Pokémon Yellow Version!

    When September arrived, I was already a tech-guy in my first day of Primary School.

  • The New House

    September 2005

    I remember waiting my parents with my sister in our first house, so we can move and sleep for the first time to the new house. I was excited about my room and the design of the ceiling lamp, which is a kind of Ferrari racing car.

  • The “First Gig”

    September 2011

    At September 2011, I had my first live gig with Eleventh Order, a progressive heavy power metal band.

  • Done with School “Safe & Sound”

    June 2013

    Sunny hot day, the end of exams and the official graduation from Kilkis 2nd High School. I remember feeling a bit lost & confused about my future at that point.

  • University Begins Pt. I

    September 2013

    Luckily, thanks to the countless efforts of my teachers and their not-cheap private lessons, I managed to get a high enough score to enroll at University of Macedonia.

  • EDM Happens

    December 2014

    I got attracted to Electronic Dance Music and the catchy leads of the popular house tunes. I was pretty sure at that point that I will become the next Top-Entry DJ in the Billboard, since my first EDM Remix of a metalcore song got a bit of attention.

  • Duty Calls

    November 2017

    From November 2017 to August 2018, many memories and friends were made during my military service. There were many mental breakdowns during that period, but in the end it was well worth it.

  • Duty Calls – Epilogue

    August 2018

    Officially done with Military Service. You can freely watch my epic mustache!

  • University Begins Pt. I – Epilogue

    September 2018

    You know you have to wear a suit and tie when you graduate!

  • The “First Job”

    November 2018

    Not long after my graduation I was lucky enough to start working at Rito’s Food!
    On a side note, their current website was made by me.

  • “Do you even Lift?”

    January 2019

    January 2019 was the first month I got into serious workout. Initially, I started with bodyweight exercises through a mobile app called “Freeletics”. I slimmed down and got a visible 6pack. However, the biggest change started about a year later, when I started lifting weights.

  • Independence Day

    August 2019

    Things were going good at that point. I was working hard, never skipping workout (and leg) days and eating clean.
    The next thing that should happen was to get my own space. So August 2019 was the first month of me sleeping in a new place without my parents.

  • University Begins Pt. II

    September 2019

    I thought I was done with schools and universities. Oh boi was I wrong.
    At September 2019, I enrolled at University of Nicosia for my MBA degree.

  • WYSIWYG, literally

    June 2020

    My first idea of a personal website came in the summer of 2020. I thought “Why not?”, since I had the minimum skills to do that and the only small cost would be that of the domain. So that was the birthday of GeorgeChond.com.

  • Wen Moon?

    January 2021

    The news of Bitcoin correcting to ~$28,200 drew my attention and being unemployed, I thought “I’ll buy it at $20,000 and I’ll sell it at $40,000. Fast forward 3 months, I doubled the investment. “Okay”, I said, “now it’s time to understand what the hell is this internet money!”.

  • Master of Business Administration

    May 2021

    Apparently, I am a Master of Business Administration. Was fun.

  • Ultravision

    June 2021

    Started working as full stack WordPress developer at Ultravision.