WC Shipping Cost based on Zone and Weight

Many times, e-shop owners need a flexible way to present WooCommerce shipping costs to their users depending on the weight or even the shipping zone. Even though there are many free and premium plugins out there that do an “okay” job, it is far more efficient to use plain WooCommerce’s features along with some php. Scene Let’s make a scenario where we have 3 possible shipping zones: Hometown Ground Areas Island Destinations With 2 possible pricing tiers for each zone: […]

WC Variable Product’s Stock Status in Backend

Lately, I was modifying a WordPress website for a client and I had to find a way to display the stock status of every variation of a variable product in WooCommerce. It was the first time I messed up with WooCommerce’s actions and filters. Here is the solution, without using a plugin. All code goes in functions.php file. Filter to remove/add columns in products page Action to actually display our variable stock status Styling the column with CSS (through PHP) […]