Game Development, cause why not?

Recently, I have been digging more and more JavaScript books and videos and there is a reason. Initially, I wanted to create a kind-of simple HTML5 role-playing game without the use of Canvas. That means that I had to create an entire JavaScript game framework from scratch which is why I started reading jQuery Game Development Essentials in the first place. Know your limits After having a rough time following jQuery Game Development Essentials, mainly due to my not-so-good knowledge […]

jQuery Game Development Essentials

This book looks well-written and educational. However, it is far too advanced for me to follow, only being able to complete ~60 out of 250 pages. So, I will postpone this review until I get to a point that I can actually follow the book flawlessly. As of 12/08/21, I’m not really interested in creating a game with JS and switched to GameMaker. Read More.

JavaScript: Learn JavaScript with Ease

Let me start by saying that this book is really, really bad. It is badly written and most of the times off-topic. A book that is entitled with “JavaScript” twice and includes like 5 out of 100 pages with it. It actually jumps from one thing to another, explaining a bit of HTML, then showing some CSS tricks, then Ajax calls, then a bit of jQuery – yes, jQuery without even explaining the core aspects of JavaScript! I can’t stress […]

jQuery Succinctly

jQuery Succinctly is a free educational book about jQuery, a JavaScript library. It explains quite a lot of things building in difficulty through the pages. Furthermore, in every lesson there is an example .html with the code in action. However, the book changes quite fast in difficulty. I am not experienced in jQuery and I could follow the book pretty good up until ~60 page out of the 91 total pages. The rest of the pages were hard to understand […]