WC Shipping Cost based on Zone and Weight

Many times, e-shop owners need a flexible way to present WooCommerce shipping costs to their users depending on the weight or even the shipping zone. Even though there are many free and premium plugins out there that do an “okay” job, it is far more efficient to use plain WooCommerce’s features along with some php. Scene Let’s make a scenario where we have 3 possible shipping zones: Hometown Ground Areas Island Destinations With 2 possible pricing tiers for each zone: […]

Finalizing the Website Upgrade

I’m very excited to announce that website reskinning and upgrading is almost finished! Many features were added, the code has been rewritten by scratch and every .php and .css file is light as feathers! I included an Ajax JavaScript snippet in the blog page for lazy loading on scroll and I’m very grateful to the author that helped me accomplish that. Finally, there are still some minor issues to edit and after that I’ll start tweaking the media queries and […]

Incoming Website Upgrade

When I first made this website, I tried to make it as simple and “clean” as possible. I had the belief that making something too extreme and fancy will disgust the visitor. That idea is neither true nor false. However, trying to pursue a job as a web or gfx designer made me reconsider my thoughts. I was always in love with games. Physical or digital, it never mattered. Trying to blend two of my passions in one project would […]