The Last Night at Tremore Beach

The Last Night at Tremore Beach is a book I bought years ago and never read it. When I purchased the book, I was going through a moody period and this was one of the main reasons I selected this particular book. Last Night at Tremore Beach is a fictional, suspense thriller that revolves around the main protagonist, Peter Harper, a soundtrack composer and piano-player who recently divorced and moved in an isolated house near the Tremore Beach in an effort to find his lost inspiration about music.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom started out as an ‘OK’ story and ended like “Come on! I need more of that!”. In the first chapters of the books, I felt a nice cozy feeling as the writer was trying to portrait the world with enough detail to not bore the reader. Even during the first crime scenes, it felt pretty cozy and laughable. I had zero anxiety as I kept reading through the new murders and I was like “Well okay, I guess that’s what this book is all about after all. The “Dexter” series in a book.”.