Learn JavaScript from Scratch

“Learn JavaScript from Scratch: JavaScript for Everyone” is an excellent video series from Kalob Taulien for beginners or intermediate JavaScript learners. Kalob is very talented and can pass his knowledge easily through very well-documented examples. His humor throughout the videos can help someone to understand complex topics like ‘Objects’ or ‘Classes’. As of August 2021, the videos incorporate brand new ways and methods to write JavaScript with the ECMAScript Version 6+. I highly recommend those videos to anyone that wants […]

jQuery Game Development Essentials

This book looks well-written and educational. However, it is far too advanced for me to follow, only being able to complete ~60 out of 250 pages. So, I will postpone this review until I get to a point that I can actually follow the book flawlessly. As of 12/08/21, I’m not really interested in creating a game with JS and switched to GameMaker. Read More.

JavaScript: Learn JavaScript with Ease

Let me start by saying that this book is really, really bad. It is badly written and most of the times off-topic. A book that is entitled with “JavaScript” twice and includes like 5 out of 100 pages with it. It actually jumps from one thing to another, explaining a bit of HTML, then showing some CSS tricks, then Ajax calls, then a bit of jQuery – yes, jQuery without even explaining the core aspects of JavaScript! I can’t stress […]