jQuery Succinctly

jQuery Succinctly is a free educational book about jQuery, a JavaScript library. It explains quite a lot of things building in difficulty through the pages. Furthermore, in every lesson there is an example .html with the code in action. However, the book changes quite fast in difficulty. I am not experienced in jQuery and I could follow the book pretty good up until ~60 page out of the 91 total pages. The rest of the pages were hard to understand […]

The Last Night at Tremore Beach

The Last Night at Tremore Beach is a book I bought years ago and never read it. When I purchased the book, I was going through a moody period and this was one of the main reasons I selected this particular book. Last Night at Tremore Beach is a fictional, suspense thriller that revolves around the main protagonist, Peter Harper, a soundtrack composer and piano-player who recently divorced and moved in an isolated house near the Tremore Beach in an effort to find his lost inspiration about music.

Finalizing the Website Upgrade

I’m very excited to announce that website reskinning and upgrading is almost finished! Many features were added, the code has been rewritten by scratch and every .php and .css file is light as feathers! I included an Ajax JavaScript snippet in the blog page for lazy loading on scroll and I’m very grateful to the author that helped me accomplish that. Finally, there are still some minor issues to edit and after that I’ll start tweaking the media queries and […]